Leonard Nimoy takes on Terminator role

Big Porsche
And that moustache is worthy of the Turner Prize

Of all the weird games at gaming trade show E3 this week, none stood out as more odd than Yoostar 2 - which the makers would very much like us to refer to as a "film karaoke" game.

The highlight of E3 for many ageing nerds was the involvement of Leonard Nimoy for promotional purposes, who was brought onto the demonstration stage by publisher Electronic Arts and encouraged to fool around for the amusement of attendees.

The 79-year-old Star Trek legend opted to portray the role of The Terminator in the pretend movie game, wheezing Arnie's classic "I'll be back" line for members of the press.

Yoostar replaces characters in movies with a webcam-recorded performance of your own. It's not going to be the biggest gaming news to emerge from E3, to put it nicely, but does at least look vaguely more entertaining than last week's horse RPG revelation. News we're still trying to digest seven days on.

Get out and Porsche

Everybody hates Porsche drivers, it's one of our largest national sports. But what about Porsche drivers doing their bit for the development of the arts? Or Porsche drivers only driving pretend Porsches they've made themselves? Are they OK people to be seen talking to? This question has been raised by artist Hannes Langeder, who has built his very own Porsche - out of tin foil.

The flimsy Ferdinand GT3 RS, which would give the EU automotive safety bodies nightmares, doesn't actually operate as a proper Porsche, thanks to being nothing more than a Porsche-like frame designed to sit over a customised bicycle-powered frame.

There are plenty of videos of the Ferdinand GT3 RS in action over on the artist's website plus a full 'Making Of' photo documentary up on Flickr, if you'd like to spend some time indulging in a bit of the arts.

A good boning

In quite possibly the finest geek joke we've yet seen, incredibly niche tech company EIZO, which makes high resolution displays for the medical and design industries, created a sexy calendar to promote its brand. Only there was one very strange twist - the pornographic poses were all photographed in finest x-ray style.


NOW DISLOCATE YOUR HIP: Phwoar, what a lovely straight tibula on that one

Possibly launching an entirely new skeletal fetish, the pictures - which you can see here - show ladies in classic porn poses, but you only see their bones. And the odd shoe buckle. We suspect there's been more than a little fakery carried out here to get the pics looking this realistic, but it's still a superb example of a very niche industry joke.

School's out (for download on the App Store)

Finally, if you're of the age where you have to worry about finding lost PE kits and not turning up at school with your kids when it's actually a Bank Holiday Monday like an idiot, there's a ground-breaking new iPhone out there to help you feel like a proper, organised, caring parent.

The Edinburgh-based Loretto School is soon launching its very own fully-featured iPhone app, designed to take the place of scrawled notes about outings stuck to the fridge door with weak magnets.


iDUCATION: Steve Jobs gets them hooked while they're young

Giving pupils and parents news about timetables and suchlike, the later version, due in September, promises enhancements like sticking up the location of the sports day venue on Google Maps, plus two-way alerts and "live" coverage of school events.

We can't help but pity the children of poorer parents, who are only allowed to have "entry level" Nokias.