Keep forgetting to drink water? There's an app for that

Absorb water app
Now eat a sandwich. Then remember to sleep, in order to feel less tired tomorrow

Do you ever worry that people are becoming ever-so-slightly too dependent on their mobile phones? "Absorb Water allows you to drink almost anything" says the description of Absorb Water on iTunes, with the all-new iPhone app also featuring the capability to calculate "if you are hydrated" at the end of each given day.

A few suspiciously positive reviews from "users" have already popped up beneath the listing, praising the app for successfully reminding them to drink and avoiding the onset of headaches caused by dehydration.

God on the Jesus phone

If you regularly pray to the mighty Jobs in front of Apple's portable altar, you'll be pleased to learn there's now another deity represented on iPhone - via the Christian Methodist Church.

Revealing its new custom iPhone app, the Methodists said it lets users "view daily bible studies, prayers and news from the Church" on their iPhones and iPod Touches, also including a useful Prayer of the Day, in case the only prayer you remember is that one from school about having bread every day and not trespassing.

"We hope this app will offer Christians from all backgrounds a little spiritual oasis in the midst of their busy lives" said the Methodist Church's Director of Communications and Campaigns, adding that he hopes people find the app useful and inspiring.

Methodist church app

Methodist iPhone app: Whoever's manning their Twitter account isn't very on message

With Steve Jobs currently on a crazed, puritanical anti-porn rampage, we're sure he's gazing down approvingly.

Domesticated war machine, $4,000 O.N.O.

We're going to have to risk alienating any readers without the ability to watch embedded videos once again this week, by including footage of this incredible piece of Iron Man cosplay.

We're well aware that the words "incredible" and "cosplay" don't often sit together very well in the same sentence, but please, give Anthony Le's astonishing handmade War Machine costume the respect it deserves.

FOIL MAN: Removable breast plate ideal for keeping chicken moist while roasting

According to a report on PopSci, the costume cost around $4,000 for Anthony to create, and comes with a "dent-proof exterior" and "motorized faceplate" for the ultimate in near-realism.

Being an idiot triggers regret

This week's News of the Obvious comes via a survey released by gadget shopping site Retrovo, which has somehow cobbled together enough data to invent a new tech thing - which it's calling "Poster's Remorse".

The very real problem of regretting something you've just stuck up on a social networking site afflicts 32 per cent of people, apparently, statistics which rocket to 59 per cent among iPhone owners. The best way to avoid waking up riddled with regret and facing an internal disciplinary meeting?

To "assume your account is like the back of a postcard" and remember that everyone can read what you might stick up while momentarily furious about the proposed new seating arrangements.


THEIR SURVEY SAID: Actually, yes, we're already regretting writing about this

Next week in News of the Obvious - other people can hear the things you say out loud, so always slag them off from the safety of a different room.


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