Lost laptops and misplaced romance

Where is your laptop? Probably at home next to the bed where it belongs, so you can check the internet in the morning before getting on your desktop at home, then the internet at the office. But if it isn't where it should be, it's possible Where Is My Laptop Dot Com may be able to help.

Foolishly relying on the honesty of the masses, the site has been set up to reunite regretful, hungover people with the laptop they left on a train, in a taxi or underneath the table of a specialist nightspot at 3.15am last night. The site displays a list of the files found on each handed-in laptop, helping users identify their MacBook from someone else's - and giving casual browsers like us something to laugh at.

On the train

HERE, HAVE IT BACK: The legitimate version of wiping the HD and taking it to Computer Exchange.

According to the site, you could bag up to £3,000 if you find a top-spec VAIO loaded with important files belonging to someone with a top job, with the company hoping to rake in a minimum of £250 in commission for reuniting a stray Hewlett Packard with its owner.

So it may be worth scavenging The Underground after pub closing time for missing machines. Beats beach-combing for spare change if you can pick up a three-grander a drunk suit forgot about while vomiting up his Pizza Express.

"At my wedding Twittering and Facebooking"

The wedding guests chuckled with amusement when groom Dana Hanna interrupted his wedding service to change his Facebook status to "is married", handing his new wife her mobile so she could witness the romantic virtual message uploading, live. The priest/vicar bloke doing the service made a good joke, so it was no doubt a pre-planned stunt.

After being laughed at on the internet for a few days by miserable, lonely people like Team Weird Tech who are frankly just bitter and jealous, Hana Tweeted "To all the criticizers of my video out there questioning my sanity: You don't get it. I was having fun at MY wedding!"

And at least he'll always be able to turn to Twitter during the many blissful awkward silences he and his wife will endure over the years to come.

Download space

If you want to find out whether your unlimited broadband is REALLY unlimited, how about downloading gigantic photographs that show an enormous chunk of our galaxy? The 2.5 gigapixel print of a shot of the Milky Way was created by stitching together 800,000 separate snaps taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope last year. It's gone on display this week at the Adler planetarium in Chicago.

Milky way

DARLING, COME QUICK: You can see our house from here

Science blog Discover has a link to a collection of compilations of the individual snaps that make up the vast image. They come in at a monstrous resolution of around 24,752 x 13,520 each - useful if you fancy bringing the work network crashing to a halt today.

Knit Hero: Fair Isle Scarf Edition

We're not entirely convinced this is genuine as it's Canadian and most of the web sites about it are therefore in French, but if it is - nice. Very nice. Well done, the maker. It's Knitting Mania for iPhone. Ripping off the standard modern music game style, it replaces guitar tracks with lines of wool - which you knit together by pressing along. So it's as much like knitting as Guitar Hero is like playing the guitar.

Knitting mania

KNITTING MAMA:Ideal for iPhone-owning grandmas, of which there are approximately 12 globally

But it is one hell of a clever idea, albeit more of an advertising joke than a proper product. We're told it's available now on the Canadian App Store. Do we have any Canadian readers able to verify? The French-language website promoting it here lets you sign up and automatically spam your Facebook friends with links, if it really is an actual, genuine thing.