Film released showing public transport working in snow

Norwegian TV station NRK2 stunned and mesmerised its viewers at the end of November, screening a 7.5-hour documentary that followed, in real time, the rail journey between the Norwegian cities of Bergen and Oslo. British viewers will be stunned by the footage, which seems to show public transport coping with snow.

Fashionably geeky site Wired reports that the documentary, called Bergensbanen, has now been made available for people on the internet to download and "enjoy" for free. It certainly sounds more appealing than this year's Catherine Tate-heavy Christmas TV schedule.


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The train film, which shows the views out of the window and features interviews with staff and passengers, was shot in high definition, meaning the download is enormous - the 1280x720 HD version weighs in at 22GB. It's being released under a Creative Commons licence, so feel free to share it with all your friends this party season.

WARNING: R&B ringtones may cause annoyance

There's a superb bit of scaremongering going on in America at the moment, thanks to Maine legislator Andrea Boland. Boland wants all mobile phones sold in her state to carry warnings that they "may" cause "brain cancer" - despite the fact there's no particularly firm evidence supporting this claim whatsoever.

The Register reports that Boland is relying on the fact that we have no idea whether phones do pose a cancer risk or not, so there might be a risk we just don't yet know about.


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Which sounds like Boland ought to introduce health warnings on everything from carrots to crisps as a precautionary measure, on the basis that at some point in the distant future scientists could discover they cause cancer. Crazy American legal people.

"... and your PIN number is?"

Former under-16 billiards champion (this is a good one!) Peter Gamblin, now aged 24, was caught out and eventually convicted of mobile phone theft - thanks to giving his name and address out to the victim.

Mobile phone

CRIMEWATCH: That's exactly how you imagined him looking, isn't it? [Image credit: The Sun]

The poor chap whose mobile was stolen by Gamblin decided to ring his own number after it was nicked, and, amazingly, managed to convince the thief to give him his correct contact details. Handing over his name and address was an "act of bravado" on Gamblin's part, apparently - and he's expected to go to jail for it in the new year.

Hearty news

South Korean mobile phones made by Samsung and LG could literally help save lives soon, thanks to the pair of tech companies agreeing to pre-install health advice on handsets sold in the region, according to a Korean news source.

And it won't just be mainstream common sense advice like "wear shoes outside" or "put sharp knives in a drawer" - the phones will feature video clips showing people how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. That's heart massage. LG and Samsung are putting heart massage videos on their telephones.

Heart education

KISS OF LIFE: And new Google Android handsets will come with tips on how to approach women [Image credit: Medicine Net]

The kind thought behind this idea is to help Koreans survive heart attacks, and reduce the region's death rate from heart problems, which is apparently rather high. Samsung's upcoming W9100 will be the first mobile to come with the bizarre and possibly unsettling health movie.