Jaguar: car tech will advance more in the next few years than it has in past 30

In-car technology has always lagged behind the pace of the core industry, with long vehicle development cycles constraining the use of cutting edge tech in our motor vehicles. But this area is about to explode, according to luxury car manufacturer Jaguar. 

Speaking at the launch of the new all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, Nick Rogers – the Big Cat’s Engineering Director – said “we’ll see more technology changes in the next few years than I’ve seen over the past three decades.”

With advances in systems as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in recent times, our smartphones are becoming better integrated with our driving machines – but the experience is still disjointed.

Driving the future

Going forward we can expect a more harmonized environment for our connected devices. 

Our cars will get smarter - improved autonomous driving capabilities, security features and real-time data connections will ensure you have the latest information, software updates and upgrades beamed direct to your vehicle. 

Giles Lenthall, Jaguar's Product Manager added "we're in an era of unprecedented change for the car with autonomous, connected, electrified vehicles.

"The I-Pace is not just a concept, it's a preview of a car that will be on the market in 2018" which hopefully means we'll see a lot of this tech packed into the car in two years time.

A lot has been promised for connected cars of the future, and we could be about to see them come true.  

Major manufacturers around the world are working on connected cars, Samsung has just recently purchased Harman for its car tech smarts for example, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll have at our disposal in the next three to four years.

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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