Jaguar’s first all-electric car gives us a glimpse of the future

The future of cars is electric, spacious, sporty and beautiful.  

Jaguar I-Pace Concept specs

Power: 400PS
Torque: 700NM
0-60mph: around 4 seconds
Charge: 80% in 90 minutes
Seats: 5
Price: TBC
Available: Second half 2018

That’s what Jaguar wants us to believe at least. It has announced its first fully electric car, the Jaguar I-Pace Concept, marking a new milestone in the luxury car manufacturer’s history. 

It’s promising a heady mix of sports car performance and design, with SUV versatility. 

The I-Pace was launched simultaneously in both LA and London, and TechRadar was able to get an exclusive look around the battery-powered car in virtual reality, thanks to some clever implementation of the HTC Vive

While the car we previewed is a concept vehicle, Jaguar promises that not a lot will change between it and the final production I-Pace, which will hit roads in late 2018.

The firm wouldn’t be drawn on what changes will occur, but it’s likely the interior will see modifications between now and its on-sale date. Jaguar went on to say that the I-Pace is the closest concept it's made to a production model to date. 

We reckon the futuristic seats will be brought a little more into the present day, but we have our fingers crossed that the minimalist interior, multiple displays and striking exterior see few changes. Details of the final production car will be revealed in late 2017. 

Powered by a 90kWh liquid-cooled battery located under the floor of the car, the Jaguar I-Pace is said to have a range of up to 500km in the US (220 miles in Europe) on a single charge – which isn’t bad, although it doesn’t put it ahead of rival EVs (electric vehicles).

The good news is that it can be charged from standard home AV and DC power supplies, with the I-Pace regaining 80% of its charge in 90 minutes.  

Put your foot down and a whopping 700NM of torque will drive 400 horses via two electric motors, propelling you from 0-60mph in around four seconds. Not bad for an all-wheel-drive family SUV. 

Inside the car it's set to be a techie’s paradise, with not one, not two, but three digital displays. 

The main driver’s HD display, behind the steering wheel, measures an impressive 12 inches, while the center console also features a widescreen HD panel for key infotainment features such as satellite navigation and music playback.

A third, smaller display sits lower down the center console, providing control over settings such as heated seats and air conditioning. 

While details are yet to be revealed about the in-depth workings of the infotainment system and compatibility with our phones, we’re told the I-Pace will deliver here – and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed on that one for sure. 

The Jaguar I-Pace price is yet to be revealed, but we expect it to be dearer than the firm’s gasoline powered F-Pace SUV which starts at around $42,000 (£35,000, around AU$55,000). 

If you’re already smitten with the I-Pace you can head over to and click 'I want one' to register your interest, although you might want to hold off until next year to see exactly what you'll be getting in the final model.

John McCann
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