Uber's ride scheduling feature set to arrive in eight more UK cities


After its successful launch in London in August, Uber's ride scheduling feature will now be rolled out to eight more UK cities.

The feature, which allows Uber customers to book their ride up to 30 days in advance, will now be coming to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, and Newcastle.

Uber has always been great for getting an as-you-need-it lift to your destination but when it came to planning for something further ahead like a meeting or a trip to the airport it didn't really provide the organisational peace of mind that comes from being able to book a car in advance.

über useful

Considering passengers aren't exactly short of alternative services for booking taxis, it's unsurprising that Uber hasn't waited long to begin rolling out the scheduling feature to more cities outside of London.

If you schedule a ride with Uber, the app will send you reminders via a notification and although it won't cost you any more to book a ride in advance, it is still subject to surge pricing.

Uber has also announced that it's expanding its mapping project.

The initiative, which was launched in the US last year, uses cars fitted with cameras to capture street data in order to improve route information and journey time estimation for drivers and customers.

Now it's coming to London with the intention to roll out across other UK cities soon so that customers everywhere can know exactly how long that traffic jam is going to hold them back.

Emma Boyle

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