Singtrix karaoke machine replaces stars' vocals with your own dulcet tones

Singtrix karaoke machine replaces pop stars' vocals with your own dulcet tones
Be the lead singer of your favourite band with Singtrix

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and thought: 'I can do better than that'? Or ever wished you could sing along to Slash's face-melting guitar riffs, while Axl just melts away into the background?

Well now you can, thanks to the world's most awesome karaoke machine, Singtrix, from the creators of Guitar Hero. The bar singer's dream plugs into your music player, detects the vocals of any song in your music library and deletes them.

That way, when you sing through the bundled in mic, it's just you and the original band coming through the 2.1 speaker set. There's even an iOS and Android app that has 13,000 backing tracks for you to work through, complete with lyrics

Singtrix is also an effects pedal for your mouth, complete with auto-tune, just like on the telly. It'll even make your voice sound like Barry Manilow's! Now that's gotta be worth $299 (£187, AU$319) of anyone's money. Altogether now! "Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking...."

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