One More Thing: Web to shut down this Saturday

One More Thing: Web to shut down this Saturday
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We don't want to worry people - but the internet is set to get shutdown on Saturday, so you better make the necessary arrangements to get your web fix offline.

We at TechRadar have already started printing every page of the site and will be offering it in book form – look out for us on a street corner near you this weekend.

And our Mobile Devices editor has put himself forward to re-enact any online video ever. Yup, even the one starring a brace of ladies and a cup.

More on this and other tech shenanigans below…

Lights out – Anonymous is set to shutdown the entire internet on the weekend, in what would be its most audacious stunt yet. To ready its harem of hackers, it's posted details on just how it will do this on PasteBin.

Given that hacking is pretty hard to do when the entire web goes offline, we're not quite sure why this is seen as a win for the hacking community - and it's also a day before that hilarious date of 1 April. Also, it's not like they will be able to boast on Twitter about their success afterwards. But, hey, it's happening so you better find a book to read or something when Saturday comes. [PasteBin / Reddit]


Universe-al soldier – One-time keyboardist, full time space ninja Brian Cox is now available in app form, courtesy of the Wonders of the Universe app. The app is iOS only – no space-love for Android fans – and has loads of 3D images of planets, footage from the shows and the complete keyboard notes for 'Things Can Only Get Better' by Cox's old band D:REAM. One of those we made up. [App Store]

Rocket Man – Jeff Bezos, the man behind up-and-coming start up Amazon has decided that running one of the most successful online companies of all time is getting a bit boring so he has turned to collecting space junk. The intergalactic refuse in question is the booster rockets from the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon.

Apparently, Bezos' team have found where the F-1 rocket is residing – at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean – and now wants to bring it back to the surface. What is it with rich men and underwater voyages? Caviar not doing it for them anymore? [Bezos expeditions]

MeeGo here to stay? – There we were, all ready to re-release the Wham classic 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' as 'Wake Me Up Before You MeeGo' and it seems that Nokia has ruined our plans for chart domination by hinting it may keep the OS.

Why, we hear the mobile world cry? We have no idea but two new phones are on the way. [BGR]

HTC, easy as 1,2,3 – HTC is all set to create its own version of the iPod touch, with news that it may dip its toes into the shady world of the media player. This is according to patent that's fallen into the hands of the internet. With Beats technology inside, this could well be a replacement to the boombox. [Coolsmartphone]

That's not my name Samsung is struggling to find a name for its upcoming babies so it has decided to lay claim to a whole host of names, including Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Grand, and Galaxy Next. To be honest, we are not enamoured by any of them – purely because they all sound like clubs found in deepest darkest Essex. [Android Community]

Prime time – Good news! The Asus Transformer Prime is not an Autobot in disguise – this is according to a US court that ruled Asus was not infringing on Hasbro's toy franchise. To celebrate, Asus has teased that the next incarnation of the tablet will have some "awesome new features". We are hoping one of those is the ability to transform into a car. [CNET and Android Guys]

What's on the box? – Zeebox, the app that thinks it's so big it can advertise on TV, has announced an update which brings a 7-day TV guide to the service. Which now makes Zeebox into an interactive version of the Radio Times – and perfect for those who like to tweet and Facebook through TV shows to compensate for the fact they are watching their shows on their own.

Just remember: a retweet is no substitute to a real person. It's the conversational equivalent of a fembot. [Zeebox]

Oldies hate the web – Anyone aged 65 or over is less likely to be online than someone who is younger. This riveting fact has just been released alongside a smorgasbord of other information about the UK's web habits. [Ofcom]

Flexi time – the first flexible e-ink displays have gone into mass production, which is great news for those who have wanted their Kindle to truly act like a newspaper and allow you to roll it upand swat some flies. [Extreme Tech]

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