One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
Like the news, only smaller

Ah, Friday – the day of the week favoured by Ice Cube, Rebecca Black and Crunchie enthusiasts the world over.

Yes it's nearly the weekend, but before you go celebrate in the nearest public house, here are snippets of the news which didn't quite make it as fully fledged TechRadar articles on their own but make for lovely if slightly schizophrenic reading when bunched together in this post.

Polishing up on politics - Politicians in Poland decided to don Anonymous-style Guy Fawkes masks in an anti-piracy protest this week. Makes us think that our very own Prime Minister might have been wearing a Mr Potato Head mask all this time. [SlashGear]

Getting you Lego-ver - A bunch of Toronto teenagers have decided to send a Lego man into space and film the journey. We are already prepping plans to sell our Meccano to the moon. [Phys-org]

Sony targets the great unwashed - The Sony Xperia S is to have 'dirt-repellent coating' and 'fast charging' – great for tramps on speed then. We aren't sure this will make Sony's advertising campaigns for the phone though. [Android Authority]

Newzbin2 bins its .com - Newzbin2 is feeling the heat from MegaUpload's closure and has decided to lose its dotcom address and in turn its affiliation with the US. Sounds like it won't be long before Newzbin becomes Hazbin. [TorrentFreak]

Bang, and the dirt is gone - Fancy pants audio company Bang & Olufsen wants you to be its next designer. We are not sure what its current designers feel about this, but you can apply now through its Facebook page. [Facebook]

Hacked off - Antivirus firm Symantec was hacked in 2006 and has admitted it didn't know if anything was actually taken. If the company's protecting us from hackers can't help us, then this whole internet thing is essentially screwed. [Gizmodo]

Google earth

Earth Song - Google has taken time out getting to know everything about you and has tinkered with its Google Earth app, releasing version 6.2. This new edition comes complete with Earth-destroying mode where you can summon Godzilla to do damage to your local neighbourhoods. Well, it does in our dreams. In reality, it has made its images of Earth look a little bit more realistic. [Digital Trends]

Fast show - Boffins at MIT have created the world's fastest camera which can capture a trillion frames per second. It's still not quick enough to see if Han shot first though. [Gizmodo]

NewTube - YouTube has refreshed its video editor, giving it a similar makeover to the rest of the site. So, now you can trim your Hitler parody videos in style. [The Verge]

No longer the Mac Daddy - Macworld is here, but there's nothing much to see. Unless you like cases. Lots and lots of cases. [CNET]

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