One More Thing: Lizard TV Glue and the killer rollercoaster

One More Thing: Lizard TV Glue and the killer rollercoaster
We tried to get John Craven in to edit this. No luck

We've written today's One More Thing using a brand spanking new Galaxy Note 10.1 and an S-Pen, so any mistakes are clearly down to technology and not our sore, cracked fingers from the mass of MWC 2012 news that we've been throwing your way.

Fortunately, we upgraded our mobile devices team with quad-core processors before they set off for Barcelona so we're all good – unless someone gets dropped down a toilet of course. So here's our pick of the day's other news…

Kinect trolley - We're all for gamification, especially when it makes something as mundane as the trip to Sainsbury's fun, but a trolley that trails us around the supermarket and points us to the toothpaste might be a bridge too far, even for us. Off its trolley! [Wired]

Angry Birds in Space - With news that Samsung is linking up with Angry Birds for a new space-themed game, we asked Gizmodo UK's Doctor Samuel Gibbs what trajectory Angry Birds in Space would actually take. After explaining that he was a microbiologist, not a physicist he confirmed they would go straight, unless they were near a gravity well. We're not sure an Orbital Owl would be that fun an addition. Hoot!

Angry theme - We pride ourselves on not covering everything Angry Birds willy nilly, but we feel obliged to bring you the news that an official Angry Birds theme park is on the way. If it doesn't work out we reckon we can angle the Boomerang Bird to swing round the big dipper and take out the popcorn stand. Smashing. [Brand Republic]

West (has a) point - English thesp Dominic West – probably best known for his role in The Wire – has a confession to make. He likes to argue with people about his acting ability on internet forums. Troll. [Holy Moly]

Killer rollercoaster - Alright some of the queues at Alton Towers are a bit much, but euthanasia by rollercoaster? There's probably some clever metaphor for life's ups and downs here, but we're just gonna put our hands in the air. Weeee! [Daily Mail]

Shame on the rich - We love this: scientists have done an investigation into whether rich people lie more than paupers when given a rigged game with a maximum score. Upshot, yes. Yes they do. Class! [Science]

Like, poke - We like to put a trending video in at this point; here's a kid celebrating so hard he pokes himself in the eye, but doesn't care. Poke-a-man!

Gecko tech TV stand - TV stands are awkward things, so how about sticking your TV to the wall using the latest technology taken from Gecko feet. You can even unstick it and hang it somewhere else. Gee lizard! [New Scientist]

Japan in a day Finally, something great. We were big fans of YouTube movie Life in a Day, and on the anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, Ridley Scott is teaming up with Fuji TV to make a documentary called Japan in a Day. Great Scott! [Deadline]

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