One More Thing: iO6 Maps loses its way

One More Thing: iO6 Maps loses its way
At least Apple didn't call it Ayers Rock

Maplin - Everyone's having a jolly old time with Apple's new Maps app for iOS 6. It's having a bit of trouble with York. And London. And Scotland. And this furniture museum. And the Eiffel Tower. And basically the whole Midlands. We're probably holding it wrong. [Tumblr]

Bad ad - Samsung's done a new advert. It's like its old advert, except this time it's being snarky about the iPhone 5. Marc "S3 owner" Chacksfield likes it while others of us think it's immature and petty and so what if the iPhone 5 doesn't have NFC? The screen is plenty big enough, thanks. And I was going to sell that antique jewellery that's been in my family for generations anyway, okay? [YouTube]

No cybersex please, we're Filipino – It's now illegal to partake in a spot of cybersex in the Philippines. That means no ""wilful engagement, maintenance, control, or operation, directly or indirectly, of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system, for favour or consideration". Think they've pretty much covered all bases there. [BBC]

B-Movie - Nestle has launched a new campaign that dips its toes into the always controversial pool of customer stalking. If you have a break have a KitKat and find a satnav device instead of the delicious wafery-biscuity-chocolatey treat you were expecting, the company promises it Will Find You via GPS within 24 hours to give you £10,000. Which is great and everything, but doesn't solve your short-term KitKat shortage. [York Press]

Head first – Now, we all know that one of life's biggest problems is the fact that most gaming headsets just don't fit all platforms. So it's great then that Sennheiser has created its first multi-platform gaming headset, the U 320. For £109.99 you will be able to sleep that little bit sounder knowing that whichever console you choose you won't have to don myriad headsets. [Sennheiser]

Picture perfect – People are dumb and don't know how to use their TV sets. These aren't our words but the words of THE EXPERTS. And THE EXPERTS want to help you understand how to make sure the picture on your TV is as THE EXPERTS intended it to be. [AVForums]

NFC FTW – Visa, you know the one that stopped you from using your Mastercard in the Olympics Park, has revealed that a fifth of all transactions within the said park were done through NFC – a technology so advanced that not even Apple has heard of it. [The Register]

Tune in, cop out – Nick Clegg wanted to say sorry about not fulfilling promises made by the Liberal Democrats in its manifesto. Nobody listened. The Poke brilliantly autotuned it. Everybody listened. This is how it works, people. And it's fantastic. [Gizmodo]

Weta the appetite – Valve has teamed up with Weta Workshop to create its very own Portal turret replica. There really is nothing more to be said, but just watch the awesome unboxing video. There is no cake in this video, though. [Engadget]

Food for thoughtMicrosoft legend Paul Allen has decided to invest millions into the brain business and has let Forbes know what his endeavour is all about. All in all it's inspiring stuff. [TheVerge]

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