One More Thing: Facebook in face recognition face-off… again

One More Thing: Facebook in face recognition face-off… again
A face! A person's face! Cover it! Cover it up at once!

Facepalm – Facebook is being probed in Germany yet again This time it has something to do with the company's rather large archive of faces it has to help recognise members' mugs when they are uploaded to the site. Not actual faces, mind, that would be weird and rather gruesome. [NYTimes]

Bean - Bonkers, Tubular Bells, Chariots of Fire, Pretty Vacant and I Heard Wonders were the five most Shazamed songs during the Olympics Opening Ceremony. But really, who doesn't know Chariots of Fire by now? [Into Mobile]

Rdio Gaga – Rdio now has over 18 million songs in its musical arsenal. The streaming service hit the milestone thanks to deals with CD Baby and TuneCore that brought a host of independent artists into the fold. [PR]

Tesla-dee-da - If you like electricity and justice and learning and The Prestige and science and things like that, then you should donate to The Oatmeal's campaign to have a Tesla Museum built. If you happen to be a millionaire, so much the better. [The Oatmeal]

Desperate measures – DC Thompson, publisher of The Dandy, has announced that the comic is to go online only, with the 75th anniversary edition set to be the last printed edition. It seems that not even the brute strength of Desperate Dan can stop the impending death of print. Sad times. [Guardian]

uTorrents of abuse – uTorrent, a torrent site that advertises itself as being a lightweight client, has come under a load of abuse from its users as it has added 'bloating' adverts to make a bit of cash. To stop the backlash it has now made all adverts optional on the site. Hmm, we wonder what option the majority will take? [TorrentFreak]

In the moneyGoogle has upped the ante yet again for those who are looking to zap bugs that appear in its Chrome web browser. Now there's a baseline of $1000 for those who take time to weed out bugs on the service and the addition of bonuses too. Nice. [Gizmodo]

The price is right – The Sony PS Vita isn't going down in price anytime soon. According to CVG, Sony has said that it won't be lowering the price in 2012, but a cost reduction is being worked on. Which we are taking to mean that they are testing to see if making the thing out of cookie dough will significantly lower costs. [CVG]

All you can tweet - An LA restaurant is offering a 5% discount to diners who ditch their phones while they eat. Not sure we could manage it, to be honest. [Digital Trends]

iControl – The Eye Tribe has raised the somehow disappointingly low amount of $800,000 (£510,000) to continue working on its tablet and smartphone eye control device. Oh well, it's probably already better than Siri anyway. [TNW]

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