One More Thing: DJ Shadow foresees torrents of money from BitTorrent

One More Thing: DJ Shadow foresees torrents of money from BitTorrent
BitTorrent is DJ Shadow's friend

Monetise those torrents – So says DJ Shadow who reckons he's got the whole thing sewn up. If you buy Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996 (musical bits and pieces kicking around the studio) as a BitTorrent Bundle, you'll also get some free software. If you then click through to buy that software, DJ Shadow gets a cut. Yeah, this is an idea that has no flaws. DJ Shadow's descendants are sorted. [Fact]

Before iPhone - Staying in the quite-out-of-date music tie-ins arena, Slipknot has released an iPhone and Android app so you can make your own Slipknot mask. Didn't Slipknot unmask themselves ages ago? And also stop being popular? [Google Play/



Beatlebum - The two remaining Beatles are releasing a new compilation of their "most powerful rock songs" to mark the 50th anniversary of their first hit and it's not going to be available on CD or vinyl, only iTunes. How times have changed. [Guardian]

Windows 8digital - 7digital has released the first digital music store for Windows 8 as a preview version which will be tweaked before the OS's October release. You won't be able to get that Beatles compilation on it though, eh? [PR]

Batten down the hatches – The PSN is going down for maintenance from 4pm GMT tomorrow until 8am on Friday, but you'll still be able to play online if you sign in before the work begins. [PS Blog]

Mission to Lars - The latest Mars Rover is going to touch down on the red planet on August 6 and the Natural History Museum will be livestreaming the whole thing, complete with live video link and Q&As with NASA. The downside? It'll set you back £22 and it starts at 6am. [NHM]

West End status updates - Facebook has decided that the Olympic City is as good a place as any to set up a new engineering hub focusing on mobile and platform. Hey, anything Amazon can do, Facebook can do too. [Facebook]

You're a CODfish – The latest CoD: MW3 advert can no longer be shown on TV before 7.30 because "the scenes of violence and destruction, together with the sound effects and music, could cause distress to some children who might see the ad". Which seems fair enough for a game rated 18. [BBC]

Can't fail - Labour has decided that the way back in to power is to embrace the whole +1 thing that Google has so desperately been trying to make happen. Yep, that'll sort the country out. [Labour]

Laughing all the way to the eBank - Another day, another ridiculously successful self-published Kindle author. Nick Spalding has sold over 245,000 Kindle ebooks – and with a title like Love… from Both Sides we're guessing this is a 50 Shades of Grey type affair. [PR]

Get yer flag out – It might sound like something certain types of people would shout out of the window of a white van as you innocently stroll down one of London's less savoury streets. But no! In fact Get Your Flag Out is a new 'lympics-related app that unfurls your favourite country's flag over your phone home screen and plays its national anthem every time it wins a medal at the big sports thing that's happening in London this summer. Patriotic. [iTunes]

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