One More Thing: Bing it on search battle backfires

One More Thing: Bing it on search battle backfires
Nice try Bing

You're gonna pump our gas someday - Bing has challenged Google to a search-off with its latest campaign, Bing It On. We'd rather see the two search engines join opposing cheerleading troupes and have a cheer-off like the film of a similar name but we guess we'll just settle for Google trouncing Bing in every search battle we tried. Oops. [Bing]

Applied science - This musician Gwilym Gold has released an album that will never sound the same twice. Sounds like an A Level project to us but he worked with scientists to develop the system which means "you could listen to it billions of times and it wouldn't be the same" and that's kind of cool. The rub? It's only available as an iOS app. [BBC]

Cheetahs never prosper - The harbingers of the robocalypse have now created a cheetah robot that can run 28.3mph, just a shade faster than world's fastest chicken nugget advocate Usain Bolt. [Stuff]

Misguided app of the day - Mitsubishi has created an app that looks at your friends' Facebook pages and runs over the most pretentious ones with a virtual 2013 Outlander Sport. Um, okay then. [ThinkTank]

PSA - Neil Armstrong's memorial service on September 13 will be live streamed on NASA's television channel and on its website. [Cnet]

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