Oakley launches new 3D glasses

Oakley launches new 3D-ready designer specs
Oakley launches new 3D-ready designer specs

Sunglasses brand Oakley has launched its first pair of 3D-ready glasses for those that want to stand out when they pay a visit to their local multiplex.

Oakley is also set to release Tron-themed 3-D glasses to coincide with the release of Disney's new movie, which is out in the UK on Boxing Day this year

3D or not 3D?

The sports specs brand is now launching the new Oakley 3-D Gascan, which it is marketing as the world's first optically correct 3-D glasses.

"We just opened up a whole new dimension in entertainment," Oakley claims on its website. "Gascan is the first optically correct 3D eyewear ever made. Use it in any movie theater that has RealD, the 3D system used in the majority of cinemas around the world.

"With ordinary 3D eyewear, there can be ghosting or "crosstalk" between the images that reach each eye from one moment to the next. Inferior 3D lenses can also diminish clarity and fidelity, causing subtle distortions that cheat you out of the full entertainment experience. Lens glare can be an annoying distraction, and your perception of colors can be altered.

"The problems aren't limited to vision. Conventional 3D eyewear does not fit well, so comfort is a major issue."

Oakley CEO Colin Baden is confident the new 3D designer specs will sell well, telling Fastcompany: "We have no serious competitors. We have a significant retail business in malls with theaters showing 3-D movies.

"We can put a [3-D] screen in the store, and say 'By the way, you can use these glasses to watch Tron here."

The catch? They are only available in the US right now and will set you back $120 (plus shipping).

Via Fastcompany.com

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