'No room for politics' among Olympics tech partners

No room for politics" among Olympics tech partners
London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics has seen major technology companies put their egos aside to ensure that the Games run smoothly in the summer, according to a senior figure from worldwide Olympic partner Acer.

Acer's Michael Trainor, who is the service project manager for the company's Olympics involvement, insists that it's been smooth running between familiar names.

With worldwide Olympic partners including Atos, Panasonic, Omega, Samsung and Visa, along with London 2012 partners like BT and official supporters like Cisco, there are plenty of stakeholders involved in the more technological side of next summer's Games.

However, Trainor insists that it's a spirit of collaboration rather than competition that fills London Organising Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)'s headquarters in Canary Wharf.

"There's no room for politics," said Trainor, as he showed off the hardware that Acer is pumping into the Olympic project.

"The success of the tech team is the only significant thing for everybody involved."


Acer is providing significant amounts of kit for the project, including thousands of computers, powerful servers, monitors and storage systems.

With just a matter of months until the Olympic opening ceremony, the project is already well underway. Each sport has been given a pod of computers that will be moved to the relevant venue when the time arrives.

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