Majority of Black Friday shoppers willing to spend more to stay home

We've all seen the video footage of soccer moms pummeling each other at the Walmart bargain bin on Black Friday. Some of you were obviously traumatized by this experience.

Although most people agree that Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer the best deals of the year on consumer electronics (63%), a Verizon survey of 601 consumers found that the average person would rather spend extra money on devices than brave the hordes of aggressive, deal-crazed consumers on Black Friday.

Fifty-one percent of people said they are willing to spend $10 or more to stay home on Black Friday to do their shopping. For ten bucks you could purchase any of these classic films on Amazon Instant Video. The list includes "Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale" and "Madea's Neighbors from Hell: The Play."

I'm heading straight for the bargain bin kamikaze-style.

Selfish giving?

Are you planning on doing any technology-related shopping this holiday season? Of course you are. Is the technology for a loved one? I don't believe you.

The majority of shoppers (20%) are heading into Black Friday and Cyber Monday looking to buy a tablet, and almost half (37%) of respondents are scouring their favorite retailers to buy devices for themselves.

Fifty-two percent of consumers are planning to buy two or more internet-connected devices this holiday season. This could mean anything from laptops to tablets to smartphones to smart televisions. Someone might even go out and buy an Amazon Fire Phone. We kid, we kid.

Speaking of Amazon: tablets are going to constitute the lion's share of electronics purchases this year. Twenty-percent of consumers say securing a new tablet (like the very successful Kindle) is their number one priority during the two biggest shopping days of the year. Laptops and televisions are the second- and third-most sought after technologies this time of year.

Christmas cheer(lessness)

There's nothing better than having someone surprise you with that perfect device you've been reading about on TechRadar for the past few months. Unfortunately, most of us don't believe our friends and family know enough about what we want to make these decisions without our direct input.

If you are planning on heading out to surprise a friend or family member with technology this holiday season, you might want to get a wish list first: 77% of people prefer to select their own technology based on their own preferences.