Larry Page, Google CEO wants to get to know you

Google search gets personal
Google's CEO wants to make search more relevant to you

In a rather lengthy letter to investors today, Google CEO Larry Page touted the success of several of the company's products, namely Google+ — the search giant's social networking site that boasts more than 100 million users — and mentioned that the next generation of search will cut out the non-relevant results and have a more personalized touch.

"Imagine how much better search would be if we added…you," Page wrote in his letter. The missive continued to explain that with the help of Google+ your searches, especially for individuals, will be much more targeted to your interests, Google+ connections, and previous searches.

"Google+ helps solve this problem for us because it enables Google to understand people and their connections. So when I search for Ben Smith, I get the real Ben Smith (for me), right there in my search box, complete with his picture."

Yes, he said picture. But don't panic. You're in control of what others see. The more information and photos you post of yourself on Google+ the more people will see. So quickly delete those wild pictures from that office happy hour gone wrong.

This announcement comes on the heels of Google and Google+ catching flak for its privacy policy and how it collects and uses data from users.

Read the letter for yourself and tell us what you think. Do you want everyone to see what you post on your Google+ account?