iFridge: future kitchen-tech revealed

Hitachi's new fridge: soon to be doping your grub
Hitachi's new fridge: soon to be doping your grub

Hitatchi Japan has apparently announced a new line of fridges that will automatically spray your food with antioxidants and vitamins to keep them clean and fresh.

The R-Y6000 and R-Y5400 will be able to sense what type of foodstuff is being stored where in the fridge, and douse it in the appropriate nutrients as it sees fit – a perfect opportunity for the robots' inevitable conquest of humanity if ever there was one.

We'll bring you more news on this when there's any in English, and if we haven't already been reduced to dribbling simpletons by benzodiazepine-laced carrots.

The iFridge?

Meanwhile, Gorenje has grabbed the rights to an Apple-licensed iPod fridge.

Not only will this baby blast tunes round your kitchen via the small on-board speaker, it'll also allow you to use your connected iPod or iPhone to connect to your home network - via the iGorenje application – to control the fridge on the screen of your music player.

The company is apparently going to follow the fridge with a whole host of other Apple-controlled home appliances in the near future.