Google to sell AR goggles this year

Google AR goggles
Google AR goggles slaps this over one of your peepers

Google's rumoured AR goggles which combine a heads up display (HUD), camera and smartphone tech in a wearable device could go on sale as soon as this year.

The Google glasses will likely run on the company's own Android operating system.

When quizzed by the NY Times, unnamed Google employees said the new tech is expected to go on sale this year and "cost around the price of current smartphones."

This doesn't exactly nail it down as that's a range of around £100 to over £500, though we'd definitely expect it to be at the top end of that range.

Geek chic

Previous information has suggested that the new smart specs will look a lot like a pair of Oakley Thumps – Oakley's MP3-playing sunglasses which ditched style in favour of an extra function.

Google sources say that the company is not worried about profitability, more about producing an experiment for anyone to join. If it's a hit, Google will then start looking at how to cash in – though we're sure they've already had some ideas.

Gogglers – as we've decided to call users of Google's new device – can look forward to navigation on their HUD, as well as having many smartphone functions available at eye level including check-ins and video recording.

That last one could see Google installing a little red light to make sure gogglers can't do any sneaky recording.

A 3G or 4G data connection will also be an essential component of the goggles to allow them to send and receive data to the cloud for navigation and augmented reality overlays.

From NY Times