Google Glass developers invited to twin 'hackathon' events

Google Glass
Google will finally give developers their own crack at project Glass this month

It may be some time before Google's wearable computing device is ready for the masses, but developers who preordered Google Glass at

IO last year

are now encouraged to attend a pair of two-day events to help get the spectacles on users faces.

PhoneArena reported Wednesday that Google emailed private invitations for two "hackathon" events to developers who paid $1,500 (UK£937, AU$1,422) each at the 2012 IO conference to be first in line for the Explorer edition of Google Glass.

Promising "two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API", the first event will be held January 28-29 in San Francisco, with another in New York City on February 1-2.

The so-called "Glass Foundry" is the first such opportunity developers will have to assemble and put their skills to use on the search giant's most ambitious project to date: a wearable computing device worn as a pair of glasses.

Glass Foundry

Perhaps what's really exciting is that developers will have a chance to work with Google Glass, as well as use the augmented reality device during the scheduled events.

The first day promises an introduction to Glass and the Mirror API that runs it, followed by a "dive into development" alongside Google engineers on site.

At the close of day two, Google promises a "lively round of demos" and special guest judges, but the email invitation doesn't elaborate on when developers might finally receive their own preordered Glass.

Developers have until this Friday, January 18 at 4pm PST to confirm their interest in attending - which doesn't leave much time to make the necessary travel arrangements.