Apple TV offers web-stored DVR, on-demand, sources say

Apple TV
DVR and on-demand capabilities?

More details of what exactly Apple has in mind for its re-imagined Apple TV set-top are emerging, including DVR and on-demand capabilities.

TechRadar reported Wednesday Apple's been in talks with major cable providers to work out a delivery package, instead of pitting itself in direct competition.

Now, reports are emerging these talks extend into the entertainment world, too, and everyone Apple's approaching is learning about the device's reported ability to start any show at any time through a cloud-storing DVR.

Viewers would also reportedly be able to start a show minutes after it's begun and, thanks to the device's rumored access to current and previous seasons of any show, viewers can theoretically pull up any episode they want on-demand.

iPad-like interface

The same sources who divulged details of Apple's conversations with cable providers also discussed the device's rumored capabilities.

According to the sources, the box's user interface will likely resemble the navigation icons found on the iPad, creating a design decidedly easier to peruse and use than most on-screen menus.

What's more, the device will also reportedly leave space on the television screen for social media interaction, like sharing a TV show through Twitter.

Going for complete integration, the Cupertino company will likely look to let users access Apple TV content through their iPhones and iPads.

Hammering out the details

Negotiations, if they're happening, are probably still in the early stages as Apple reportedly shops the device and its capabilities around.

Whether laws or business rights need to change is a major hurdle to Apple's ambitions as cable operators rights over TV content are likely too insufficient to allow for what Apple's proposing.

The web-based DVR concept is especially troublesome. Because there's no precedent, it may take more time than Apple's willing to wait to get these deals rolling.

Via The Wall Street Journal and The Verge

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