Cable providers 'approached' for Apple TV link-up

Apple TV
Is a partnership between Apple and cable providers possible?

If you were one of roughly 50 percent of people who said they'd be interested in buying an Apple TV, you may soon be in luck.

Though talk indicates Apple is indeed moving forward with a TV set - expected sometime next year - how the Cupertino company intended to deliver programming through the device was a point of contention.

However, according to the Wall Street Journal, sources are now saying that instead of Apple going head-to-head with cable providers, it's taken the position of wooing pay-TV providers with the offer of playing their live shows and other content through a set-top box built by Apple.

For those concerned about quality and compatibility, the sources reported the set-top box technology Apple's developing could be integrated with HDTVs.

Jobs not a fan

Steve Jobs, Apple's brilliant though choleric boss, was reportedly "dismissive" of attempts to build a cable box, the Journal reports, because cable operators each have limited regional exposure and don't own the content they license.

However, Jobs may have missed the boat on this one as Verizon Wireless and Comcast have apps on Microsoft's Xbox 360 apps and Samsung brings providers directly to its smart HDTVs.

Countless other providers offer streaming access through the iPad and other mobile devices.

No deal has been inked yet, perhaps because cable companies are reluctant to give an inch to the litigious Apple, but time will tell if Apple TV changes from a dream into reality.

Via The Verge and The Wall Street Journal

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