Apple's Singapore Store seeks solar solution

Apple Store

Not content with being one of the largest companies in the world, Apple is pushing hard on becoming one of the greenest.

Following its decision to go green in China last month, the company has inked a deal with Singapore energy firm Sunseap to power its new Singapore retail store entirely through solar energy.

According to a Reuters report, starting from January Sunseap will provide Apple with 100 per cent renewable electricity for its Singapore operations, powered by a network of solar panels atop 800 buildings in Singapore.

Giving back

The panels themselves will be placed both on top of the new Apple retail store set to open next year, as well as across a wide range of publicly-owned buildings.

All told, the Sunseap solar array is set to produce about 50MW of solar energy, 22MW of which will be dedicated to Apple's needs.

The remaining 17MW will be provided to help provide electricity for public-owned housing in Singapore, a decision that helped win the backing of the Singapore Development Board.

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