Amazon to create 2,000 UK jobs

Amazon to create 2,000 UK jobs
Fulfilment Centres for all!

Amazon will create 2,000 new permanent jobs in the UK, with the internet giant opening three new 'fulfilment centres'.

The growth in the number of Amazon's fulfilment centres – where they package and send your goods from – displays the burgeoning power of online shipping.

And the company will be hoping that its newly announced Kindle Fire HD 7 inch, the updated Kindle Fire and a lower cost Kindle will also be flying out of its warehouses, including a newly opened Hemel Hempstead branch.


"We have created thousands of jobs in the UK over the last few years and are delighted to announce that we plan to create thousands more in the next 24 months," said Christopher North, MD of Amazon UK.

"Our recruitment team has been exceptionally busy recently hiring hundreds of employees at the Hemel Hempstead fulfilment centre and they will certainly be busy over the next couple of years as we continue to expand to provide customers with the best possible experience."

Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the news, insisting that this provided a key boost for the UK's economy.

"I am delighted that Amazon will create thousands of new jobs," said the PM This is great news, not only for those individuals who will find work, but for the UK economy.

"This shows that the UK has the infrastructure and talent to continue to attract major investments from leading companies such as Amazon."

Yep, us Brits sure know how to shop. Go team GB!

Patrick Goss

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