WinX DVD Copy Pro: back up and rebuild old and scratched DVDs for free

From DVDs to Blu-rays and now to Ultra HD Blu-rays, physical media is progressing at an almost terrifying rate. 

DVDs are rapidly becoming obsolete. On one side they’re fighting off the ease and convenience of streaming your favorite movies and TV shows online, and on the other the raw image quality of newly introduced Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are making the standard definition of DVDs look positively ancient. 

But just because newer technologies have emerged doesn’t mean that your existing DVD collection is useless. In fact using WinX DVD Copy Pro your collection can be given a new lease of life by making a lasting backup of your discs on your computer.

Christmas Giveaway of WinX DVD Copy Pro

Christmas is full of surprises and gifts. Digiarty, a multimedia software provider who created the first DVD burner in China is giving away this DVD backup software for free. TechRadar readers can easily grab a full licensed copy from the following page.

There’s also a special Xmas pack available which has a large 65% discount - which makes it a complete multimedia solution for family use. For a limited time, you can get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, WinX DVD Copy Pro, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and WinX MediaTrans for just $59.95, a pack that would usually set you back $164.95. You get a full license for each piece of software, guaranteeing lifetime free upgrade and tech support.

How to make full use of WinX DVD Copy Pro

Since 2014 it’s been legal to make copies of your discs for personal use, but you’re not allowed to do so if you plan on making them for commercial use. That means no copying DVDs to sell on in either a physical or digital form. 

WinX DVD Copy Pro is perfect for backing up your discs, even if they’ve accumulated scratches that might make it impossible to use them in a regular DVD player. 

This software offers 9 DVD copy modes:

  1. Backup old scratched DVD to DVD at 1:1 ratio. 
  2. Clone DVD to ISO image for later burning, playing or ripping
  3. 1:1 Clone DVD to VIDEO_TS Folder for particular use
  4. Copy DVD to single MPEG-2 file with original quality, which you could then view on your computer using most video playback software. 
  5. Flexibly backup your desired DVD chapter 
  6. Extract video track only
  7. Extract audio track only
  8. Mount ISO image to a virtual drive
  9. Burn ISO image and DVD folder to DVD

The software can overcome most obstacles with ease, including bypassing Disney’s Fake, and Sony ARccOS bad sector. It is able to handle discs from every region worldwide and it can even deal with scratched discs, perfect for if your collection of DVDs has been mistreated over the years. 

It does this using its advanced bad sector recover engine, which allows it to backup discs that would otherwise crash other pieces of copying software. 

Finally, the software is capable of compressing your DVDs so they don’t take up huge amounts of your space on your hard drive with a copying mode that will take up just 4.7GB of space. Of course if you’d like to preserve all the original detail then you absolutely can with a full 8.5GB file. 

All these settings can be tweaked if you know exactly what you want, or else you can let the software make the decisions for you for a much more streamlined process. 

It achieves all of the features outlined above while being surprisingly light on resources, while also being powerful enough to copy most discs within 12 to 17 minutes. 

The software will even preserve the discs existing menus and subtitles, so you can keep the disc’s data exactly as it originally was. 

If you want to give the software a go, then there’s a free option to if you’re prepared to go with full features and try out the software risk free, but be sure to download it before the free giveaway expires. 

Also do not miss the all-in-one Christmas special pack with a hefty discount over the Christmas period. While the full version of the whole pack normally retails for $164.95, it's currently discounted to just $59.95, a saving of 65%.

About Digiarty Software:

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Digiarty is a leader in personal and home-use video audio applications based on Windows and macOS. It provides fast and easy-to-use Mac DVD ripper/copier/creator, video converter, online video downloader, media player, iPhone file manager, video audio streaming app, and so much more.