WhatsApp dark mode is nearly here, as new finishing touches appear

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Yet more evidence of WhatsApp dark mode has appeared, suggesting that its release could be imminent.

Facebook, which owns the messaging app, recently underwent a rebranding makeover, with a new logo and typeface. That new logo can now be found tucked away in the install files for the latest WhatsApp beta release, where it will be used as a footer and on the splash screen.

As WABetaInfo explains, there are two versions of the new Facebook branding in the install files: one for light backgrounds and another for dark ones.

WhatsApp splash credit

The updated Facebook branding, as it will appear in WhatsApp (Image credit: WhatsApp Inc)

These small additions are the kind of finishing touches that could be added at the final stages of development, and suggest that dark mode for WhatsApp could be just weeks away – for beta testers, anyway.

If you want to be first to try it when it becomes available, you'll need to sign up for the WhatsApp beta program. You can join the Android beta program via Google Play, but bear in mind that it may take a few hours before you can download the app. The iOS beta program is currently full, but if spaces open up you'll be able to sign up through Apple TestFlight.

What to expect

Based on earlier dives through the app's asset files, we already know that there are likely to be two dark modes for WhatsApp: one that's mostly dark gray/teal, and another that's mainly black. The latter may well be intended for phones with AMOLED screens, as black pixels on these displays are actually turned off, helping save power.

WhatsApp dark mode wallpapers

The two WhatsApp dark mode wallpapers (Image credit: WhatsApp Inc)

There are various assets for both color schemes in the install files, including a pair of default wallpapers that are recolored versions of the app's standard light gray background pattern.

There are also recolored chat bubbles, icons and buttons – and with the addition of the new Facebook branding, it seems like almost everything is in place. We'll keep you updated and let you know as soon as WhatsApp dark mode is available for testing.

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