10 things you didn't know about the Pebble Time

Pebble Time

While everyone spent their sweet time talking about the Apple Watch, many users were looking for a cheaper option that was compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

Enter the Pebble Time smartwatch, a significant improvement on the original Pebble Watch, but with all the charm that a color e-ink screen brings. The Pebble Time Watch is one of the most overlooked smartwatches on the market, especially when you consider that it costs less than $200, and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones (something that the Apple Watch and Android Wear cannot claim to do).

But what can you actually do with a Pebble Time Watch? Here are some of the secret Pebble Time functions that you may not have known about.

1. Quick launch

Pebble Time

One of the most important features for a smartwatch? Getting instant access to the apps and software that you need on a daily basis. That's why the Pebble Time incorporated settings for Quick Launch. This will let users choose two apps as their favorites to quickly activate with either the up or down button. You can set Quick Launch by clicking Select > Settings > Quick Launch. From here, choose either the up or down button and set a corresponding app.

2. Send quick replies straight from your watch

One significant benefit of wearing a smartwatch is that it allows users to quickly reply to texts and emails with the click of a button. The Pebble Time watch comes with the option to download the Pebble Messenger app on Android and Smartwatch+ on iOS. These apps are designed to simplify communication through pre-selected messages.

Users can select messages from a preset collection. After receiving a text, they can click the reply button, choose their favorite response and hit send. If you aren't a fan of the current set of reply options, you can add your own through the pre-installed tertiary keyboard.

3. Water resistant up to 50 meters

Pebble Time

When most people look at smartwatches, they find it hard to believe some really are waterproof. However, like its predecessor the Pebble, the Time can go up to 50 meters underwater without suffering damage. This means you can also hop in the shower or relax in a hot tub with it on.

4. Act as a remote camera shutter

Pebble Tim

Sometimes, when you need to take a picture of a group, a selfie just won't do. You need something more professional. Most people will either ask someone else to take a picture of them or someone in the group sacrifices their place for the "greater good" to take the picture. The Pebble Time offers users another option: remotely activating your smartphone camera.

Developers have created a variety of Pebble Time friendly apps for you to remotely take pictures, including PebbleCam and Pebble Snap. Not only do these apps let the you remotely activate your phone's camera, but they also let you remotely view what the camera sees, and adjust the camera accordingly. The varying apps have a number of options that let you covertly take pictures with your smartphone without displaying the image on the screen, remotely change which camera is taking the picture, set a timer, change flash settings and more.

5. Shake for Yelp recommendations

Are you in a large city, but don't know where to go for dinner? The Pebble Yelp app can offer options for choosing your next restaurant. Not only does the watch let users read reviews while on the go, but it also shows recommendations. If you shake your Pebble Time watch while looking at the Yelp app, you will receive a positive review for a nearby restaurant. Just make sure you have Discovery Mode turned on.