WandaVision: White Vision and 4 more unanswered questions we have after the finale

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Spoilers for WandaVision's full season follow.

WandaVision may have finished on Disney Plus, but the show is still the subject of hot debate online. Episode 9 wrapped up plenty of plot threads that had run throughout the series, but not every question or theory was answered by the time that the second post-credits scene had come and gone.

Any unresolved plot threads will likely be part of Wanda's, Vision's or other characters' stories in the MCU's future. Still, that doesn't stop us from speculating about those unanswered questions in the meantime – here are the five things we need to know following WandaVision's finale. 

Be aware that there are huge spoilers for WandaVision from this point on. Turn back now if you aren't caught up yet.

Did Wanda take Agatha's powers away?

WandaVision episode 9

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WandaVision episode 9 finally saw Agatha Harkness get a taste of her own medicine. After she had imprisoned Wanda and forced her to confront her grief through a series of flashbacks, the 'magic parasite' – as she's been called online – was on the cusp of stealing Wanda's dormant Scarlet Witch powers during the climactic battle.

As it happens, Wanda turned the tables on Agatha by using her rune trick against her. This prevented Agatha from using her own magic and allowed Wanda to reabsorb her chaos magic from Agatha to become the Scarlet Witch. Instead of killing Agatha once the fight is over, Wanda punishes Agatha by forcing her to live out her days as Westview's 'nosy neighbor' – a nod to her role in the show's earliest episodes. 

However, we don't know if Wanda removed all of Agatha's powers. It appears that she does during the final fight – a move which enables her to take on the Scarlet Witch mantle – but this isn't actually confirmed. It seems inevitable that Agatha has some role to play in Wanda's future, like she does in the comics, but it remains unclear if her powers are simply dormant while she portrays the 'nosy neighbor' or if Wanda will really did steal them all.

What is Wanda doing with the Darkhold?


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In the finale's second post-credits scene, we see Wanda hiding out in a remote cabin by a lake in the mountains (possibly Mount Wundagore, a significant location in Marvel history). As the camera makes a fly-through her new home, however, we realize not everything is as it seems.

Wanda's physical form is carrying out everyday tasks like drinking tea, but her astral form – something we've seen Doctor Strange do before – is enraptured by the Darkhold. This is the book of dark magic that Agatha had possessed and where the Scarlet Witch's legend is foretold.

It's obvious that Wanda is reading the Darkhold to understand who and what the Scarlet Witch is, but what else is she up to? Given its name, the tome must hold some dark secrets that could decide what path Wanda walks from here on out.

Are Tommy and Billy still alive?


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The show's second post-credits scene also throws up questions about Wanda's children. Like the original Vision that Wanda 'created' in Westview, we had assumed that Billy and Tommy were also products of her powers. As Vision couldn't exist outside of the Hex, neither could Wanda's kids – hence why we get that emotional moment when the duo say one final goodnight to their parents at the end of episode 9.

Or so we are led to believe. As Wanda flicks through the Darkhold, we hear one of the boys call out to her for help. Wanda notices and, just before the screen turns black, it looks like she flies off somewhere.

Fans on Reddit have been debating what this means since the season finale aired. Where does she go? Are Billy and Tommy actually real, or is the Darkhold having an adverse effect on her? And what does it mean when Wanda says 'Thank you for choosing me to your mom' to the boys? It's likely that we'll get answers to this particular plot thread in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Until then, there's plenty more discussion to be had.

Where did White Vision go?


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White Vision's conversation in the library with original Vision spawned plenty of Twitter jokes and memes post-finale, but there's still a lingering question about the twice-reprogrammed snythezoid. Namely, where he goes after the chat ends.

After their Ship of Theseus discussion, original Vision plants his memories into White Vision. These override the latter's current protocols - programmed into it by Tyler Harward - to kill Wanda and original Vision. Overloaded by this new information dump, White Vision smashes through the library's glass ceiling and flies off to an unknown location. In an Esquire interview, Vision actor Paul Bettany revealed that he'd love to return as Vision in the future, believing that there's more story to tell about the character. 

“There is so much to get into with him because it's been ten minutes here, ten minutes there, in the movies,” Bettany said. “Now we're sort of just starting to sort of peel back some stuff. I love Vision. Yes, I'm in (for the long haul).”

Hopefully, we'll see White Vision return in some capacity and have this question answered.

What happened to Darcy?


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One character who didn't get much love in the finale was Dr. Darcy Lewis. The last time we'd seen Kat Dennings' character was in episode 7, which saw original Vision leave her to find Wanda.

The only scene Darcy gets after that is when she crashes her ice cream truck into Hayward's jeep to stop him from attacking Wanda, Vision and their kids. She gets a throwaway quote of "Have fun in prison!" and then nothing. The last we hear of her is Jimmy Woo telling Monica Rambeau, during the first post-credits scene, that Darcy just left.

Darcy has never seemed like the kind of character to be fazed by the MCU's events, but maybe being pulled into Wanda's sitcom-style world had an effect on her that we aren't aware of. She might have left to rest up from the saga too without having to go through a debrief but, right now, it's hard to say why she just up and left.

WandaVision was Kat Dennings' first appearance since Thor: The Dark World after all, so it would be a shame for a character to seemingly drop off the face of the Earth twice in the MCU. Dennings told IGN that she would like to return as Darcy in the future, but cooled speculation that she would reprise the role in Thor: Love and Thunder, so who knows when she'll appear again.

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