We've reached peak Muse with the band's new VR Revolt video


Drones hover in the background. Protesters clash with riot officers. Muse's frontman starts wailing into the microphone and I realise this is it - it's finally happened: we've reached peak Matt Bellamy. There is literally nowhere for him to go from here. George Orwell is turning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken. Wait - Matt's just put on a gas mask. Ok, NOW we've reached peak Bellamy.

Muse have released a video for their song Revolt, exclusively on Apple Music, and it's lacking as little nuance as you'd expect from the band that recorded a song for the 2012 Olympics which featured the line "I'm gonna win, yes I'm gonna win."


The video depicts a dystopian future - 2025, because apparently Back to the Future Part 2 didn't teach us that predicting anything in the next 30 years is probably a mistake - where drones rule the streets and it's night time all the time.

"Freedom has been banished," says the video, "until now…". Then a bunch of people holding flares start attacking riot officers who have GUNS and TANKS and yet somehow WIN.

Also, there are like, what, 40 protesters? It's hardly the Storming of the Bastille.


It's a shame because I quite like the song. Well, I like the verses - the chorus is a bit silly, isn't it? Yes thanks Matt, I know I can revolt and I certainly didn't vote for the Tory government, but I'd favour this version of democratic stability over a future where all our taxes go towards searching for aliens and we all have sex with robots - because that's what a government under the rule of Matt Bellamy would look like.


Anyway, there's a 360 degree version of the video if you have Google Cardboard and the VRSE app.

I like the drumming.

Hugh Langley

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