Digiboo launches copy-to-USB rental service

Digiboo launches copy-to-USB rental service
Can Digiboo steal some of Redbox's customers?

Start-up movie rental company Digiboo is offering a new movie rental solution by allowing users to copy films and TV shows to their own USB storage devices.

The company, which will be looking to wrestle some market dominance away from the Redbox disc rental service, has already placed three kiosks in airports around the US.

Travellers can browse 700 titles to rent or buy ($3.99 or $14.99) and, once they've made a selection can, insert a flash-drive and then take it with them for use on any plug-and-play device.

However, the memory sticks and external hard-drives must be authorised through an internet site before they can be used.

No HD or Apple support yet

Movies are only available in SD at the moment, perhaps because of the time needed to copy large HD files onto some USB devices, and the content expires after two days.

It's also a Windows-only service, but Digiboo says that support for Apple and Android devices is coming soon.

At present, airports in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Seattle have access to the touchscreen-enabled kiosks.

While, it may be difficult to imagine Digiboo challenging Redbox too much, the start-up does have one major advantage; you don't have to worry about returning them to the kiosk.

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