Ridley Scott: Film streaming is no replacement for Blu-ray

Ridley Scott: Film streaming is no replacement for Blu-ray
It's blue and it's a disc - must be a Blu-ray

As film streaming services pop up all over the web, Ridley Scott, the man behind Alien and Blade Runner, has warned audiences that they don't offer you a view of the film as it was intended to be seen.

Writing at the Huffington Post, Scott says streaming tech like that of Lovefilm and Netflix is a long way off replicating the cinema experience.

"Technology will need to make many more huge leaps before one can ever view films with the level of picture and sound quality many film lovers demand without having to slide a disc into a player," he writes.


And that's why physical media isn't dead, he adds, throwing his support behind Blu-ray as a format because it brings the "proper colours, aspect ratio, sound quality and, perhaps most importantly, startling clarity".

"The technically sophisticated Blu-ray disc, of which I've been a supporter since its inception, is the closest we've come to replicating the best theatrical viewing experience.

"Far from being dead, physical media has years of life left and must be preserved because there is no better alternative."

Scott has long been a proponent of Blu-ray, with his Alien Anthology set heralded by many as the best discs around.

Given Scott's newfound love for 3D movie making and his vow not to work in any number of dimensions less than three ever again, his support for the only format capable of carrying 3D movies comes as no great surprise.

While it's reassuring to see film makers advocating a format that provides a better quality experience, it remains to be seen whether Blu-ray can really compete against cheaper, by-subscription services that make any film available anywhere and everywhere at the touch of a button.

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