Tinder is coming to Apple TV so you can swipe with the family this Christmas

If you were finding your phone screen too small for your grand search for love, Tinder is trying to help by launching its app on Apple TV.

Yes, you read that correctly. No longer will Tinder be that app you half-heartedly swipe through while you’re watching TV because now it’ll be on your TV demanding your full attention just like the future love of your life. Not only that, Tinder for Apple TV will offer high definition and it’ll work with the Apple TV remote so you can swipe in style.

Describing its TV app as “fun for the whole family” Tinder is encouraging its users to get the whole clan involved in swiping this Christmas. 

Fun for all

They’re going to come round to your home and pester you about the state of your love life as they always do anyway, so you might as well give them the chance to be as involved as they clearly want to be. At least you’ll avoid Pictionary. 

Perhaps when they see what’s out there they’ll be more understanding. Or perhaps, being the people that know you better than anyone, they’ll find you the one. Worst case scenario, your nan will get back on the dating scene. 

If you do find your match, though, you'll have to take things to the privacy of your phone when you start messaging. Family involvement should only go so far. 

To get Tinder on your Apple TV, just head to the App store and download it from there. If you’ve activated Tinder Boost or you’re using Passport, these features will automatically transfer over when you’ve logged into your account. 

If you want an idea of how Tinder on your TV might go, why not check out the trailer below:

Emma Boyle

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