The future tech behind Logitech G’s POWERPLAY system

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Logitech G’s new POWERPLAY system (opens in new tab)is a game-changer. Utilizing electromagnetic resonance charging, it allows you to charge your mouse—such as the G903 wireless gaming mouse (opens in new tab)—wirelessly as you play games, browse the Internet or get some work done. The POWERPLAY base projects an electromagnetic field that is harnessed by the antenna array built into the POWERPLAY module transforming it into electrical current and charging your mouse.

POWERPLAY also leverages Logitech G’s LIGHTSPEED technology, which delivers speedy wireless connectivity that’s actually faster than many wired gaming mice. Check out the video above for an in-depth look at the POWERPLAY wireless charging system and G903 in action. You can also visit this page (opens in new tab) to add both pieces of impressive tech to your gaming setup today. 

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