The first totally wireless TV can be stuck to any wall you like

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We regularly bemoan how standardized TVs have become in recent times, but that criticism can’t be levelled at the just-announced wireless 4K OLED TV from US start-up company Displace.

The 55-inch 'Displace TV' has a relatively light weight of under 20lbs and somewhat uniquely runs on rechargeable batteries.

Intriguingly, you can combine multiple Displace TVs together to form a mega-sized, single display, with the company suggesting you can attach "four TVs to create a 110" TV with 16K resolution". (Someone should note at this point that four 4K panels placed together would only allow for an 8K resolution – but we’re willing to ignore this fact due to the wild concept.)

In a press release revealing the concept, Displace claim the TV can be easily secured to any surface with no fiddly mounting required, thanks to its proprietary vacuum attachment technology.

The TV makes use of a wireless base unit box powered by an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU that has to be connected to an electrical outlet, which appears to rely on Wi-Fi 6E to relay images to the display.

On top of all this, the TV can be controlled with hand gestures via a built-in camera (private types and those with their dignity still intact will be reassured that this feature can be switched off), as well as touch and voice via the included remote control.

Displace claims the proprietary hot-swappable battery will last for a full month before needing a recharge, based on an average usage of 6 hours per day.

Initially set be sold in the US only, the world will get to see the TV in the flesh for the first time at CES 2023 in Las Vegas next month.

Reservations are available now on the Displace website, with the TV set to ship in late 2023.

Analysis: Off-the-wall wireless TV concept leaves us with lots of questions

With few exceptions, (we’re looking at you Loewe and your concrete OLED TV), it’s fair to say that TV design has become somewhat cookie-cutter over the past few years, so when a novel new take on the venerable google box comes along, our interest is piqued.

There are some pretty out-there headline features for the Displace TV, and it’s fair to say that some leave us feeling a little skeptical.

The TV’s weight, for example, seems remarkably light considering it will need to house a battery system capable of powering a 55-inch OLED display for several hours, while we’re also keen to find out how big the gap between displays will be when pairing multiple screens together.

Weirdly, it’s arguably the Displace TV’s most mundane feature that has us most excited, with the ability to securely fix the TV to a wall with "a slight push" instead of the traditional permanent wall mounting we’ve become accustomed to for large-screen displays being a potential game changer.

We’ll certainly be making a beeline for the Displace stand in Las Vegas next month, so make sure to stay tuned for TechRadar’s full coverage of CES 2023 for our first hands on thoughts. If you’re in the market for a new TV now , check out the best OLED deals live this month.

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