Loewe's concrete OLED TV is the kind of weird design icon we need more of

Loewe Iconic 65 product image
(Image credit: Loewe)

Premium tech brand Loewe can often be relied on for strikingly unique design, but the German company is set to break completely new ground with its new 4K OLED TV the first to have its casing built from Syno-Stone.

Coming in 55-inch and 65-inch variants, the 'iconic' TV range – that lowercase i is deliberate – features display housing which is crafted from recycled materials and has a concrete-like appearance.

The material, which is made by Anders (a German company that specializes in making furniture and worktop surfaces which is based just down the road from Loewe’s HQ in Kronach) can be reused again further down the line, and has a concrete-like appearance, 

Aside from the statement easel-style design and its unique material, the new iconic range also boasts an integrated 3.1-channel soundbar system hidden behind a fabric panel below the display.

There’s also the option of extending the sound stage further by adding two front and two rear Loewe klang mr1/3/5 speakers plus a Loewe klang sub1 subwoofer which can be paired wirelessly as optional extras.

The iconic is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X as well as Multiroom support via Play-Fi and low-latency WDAL.

The display itself meanwhile supports all three major variants of HDR, with HLG, HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatibility all in check

Available later this month directly from Lowe and available in Graphite Grey and Clay White colorways, the iconic.65 has an RRP of £7,999, while the smaller iconic.55 will set you back £6,499. Helping to justify that hefty price tag is Loewe’s exclusive set-up and installation Premium Service which comes as part of the package. Sadly, they're only available in Europe.

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(Image credit: Loewe)

From the Philips Discoverer to the JVC Videosphere, its often easy to forget that the advent of slim flat screen displays has robbed us of the sort of unique statement designs that would make your TV the talking point of a living area. 

Loewe’s new iconic series unquestionably fall into the bracket of being memorable looking goggle boxes. 

With their inverted Y-shaped structure and the use of Syno-Stone, they make an eye-catching deviation from the back plastic and chrome trim housing design choices that have become so uniform.

The use of Syno-Stone has of course, bigger implications than just aesthetics and the move towards more sustainable TV housing material is a commendable one which we hope others will follow.

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