YouView CTO: We're bringing simplicity to the TV market

YouView CTO: We're bringing simplicity to the TV market
Keep it simple, stupid

After numerous delays YouView was finally announced to the UK last week, offering IPTV functionality through a set-top box.

Because of its lengthy gestation period, however, the idea of getting on-demand content through your TV is no longer a new one but, according to YouView CTO Chris Bramley, this isn't a problem for the service.

Speaking to TechRadar, Bramley explained that the key to YouView is simplicity and this is something that's just not being offered by other services at the moment.

"I think there is enough room in the entertainment and TV markets for all of those players," Bramly explained.

"Where YouView really excels is in its pleasant-to-watch simplicity. So all the great content that is aggregated from YouView is available at the press of one button wherever you are, in any navigation.

"Whereas in smart TV platforms, like Xbox and Playstation, you're in very segregated mass-rated experience. YouView brings a vast range of great content any time. You don't have to feel completely isolated in an island of content."

Constant updates

Bramly replaced Anthony Rose as CTO of YouView back in 2011, so wasn't with YouView from the start but he still believes that the platform that's been released is exactly what was talked about when YouView was first revealed – despite the only IPTV content coming initially from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five.

"We announced our industry engagement programme only a few months ago and we had a few early adopters coming through that will showcase the capability of our platform," said Bramly.

"The fantastic thing about YouView is that we have a built a service, when you buy this box from retail or an ISP, you'll always be getting new features and updates from YouView. We have a long road of features we want to implement."

The service does have big-name backing. Lord Sugar is YouView's chairman and, according to Bramly, he has been instrumental in getting the service launched.


"Lord Sugar is a details man - he's provided excellent focus."

Providing focus

"He's provided excellent focus; we've always been very quality-focused with this programme, because we knew the demand for it, certainly in a technical sector.

"We couldn't afford to put a product in the market which was not going to match up. So having Lord Sugar on board has been very valuable in driving that in.

"He is a details man. He has been very useful in providing the focus that we needed for the programme."

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