Virgin Media vows to 'build on' 3D strategy

Virgin Media - keen to boost 3D
Virgin Media - keen to boost 3D

Virgin Media has told TechRadar that it will continue to "build on" its 3D strategy in the coming year, with the imminent arrival of its latest set top box making it much easier to find content.

Like many others, Virgin Media's 3D content has been limited so far, although the company is well aware of the strides being taken by rival Sky.

Sky 3D launched this year bringing an entire channel of 3D content from the worlds of film, sports and arts.

Virgin Media's 3D content is available through its on demand service, and a strategic deal with Samsung "to bring its cutting-edge 3D TV viewing experience to the public", which means that the company has not forgotten about those customers that want to have access to content to play on their expensive 3D equipment.


"We're still building on the 3D strategy that we put into place," Virgin Media's Cindy Rose told TechRadar.

"We have a collaboration with Samsung so we will be doing a lot of stuff around 3D.

"We are aware that some of our XL TV customers have spent a lot of money on 3D televisions sets and we want to make sure we give them content."

Content is king

For the time being 3D content remains thin on the ground, with bidding wars over high profile films like Toy Story 3 and Avatar which boost company's 3D line-ups.

Sky's financial clout and its impressive investment in 3D content means that it is going to be in pole position for many of the high profile movies and other bits of content.

However, as 3D content becomes more common, it is important that the likes of Virgin Media can be viewed as an option for people who are looking to upgrade their television to a 3D set.

Viewers need a 3D capable television to watch the 3D broadcasts, but manufacturers like Virgin Media's partner Samsung are putting huge amounts of money behind the push for 3D.

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