Virgin Media's new TiVo overhaul will point you to the best shows

The first big update in four years

Virgin Media has announced that it's giving its TiVo services a significant overhaul, bringing some new features to the platform that will focus on recommendations and discovery.

The new design will make it easier to navigate through live and on-demand content, while a new app store will offer support for HTML5 apps. The benefit of this will be that apps like iPlayer will be able to roll out their updates more quickly to the service.

Meanwhile the new 'What to Watch Now' feature serves up a list of recommended shows based on your viewing habits., all of which will be categorised to make your life a bit easier.

Virgin Media

There are a few other minor changes: the red colour scheme has been painted over with a shade of purple, and the search function has also been given an overhaul to offer suggestions as you type.

Oh, and handily, Virgin is now offering newcomers a 'TiVo in a box' option, which will let them install the DVR themselves without coughing up for installation charges.

Some features will start to be added next week, we're told, but the full update will start rolling out to Virgin Media TiVo customers from the end of October.

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