Virgin Media reveals latest TiVo subscriber numbers

Virgin Media reveals TiVo subscriber numbers
TiVo subs are on the up

Virgin Media's flagship TiVo-fuelled television service is edging close to the half million users mark, with the latest figures showing that 435,000 people have opted for the service.

Virgin Media's envious fibre optic network has played a big part in a positive year – with the company's revenue up to £4 billion for the year.

The headline stories for Virgin Media are the extra 273,000 people who plumped for the Virgin Media TiVo cable television service and 133,000 who opted for superfast broadband speeds of more than 30Mbps.


That brings a total TiVo number that is closing in on the half million mark; certainly encouraging for Virgin Media, with a big investment and steady improvement in the service paying dividends.

"Our strategy of focusing on customers who want more from the digital world is paying off," said CEO Neil Berkett.

"With the number of TiVo customers doubling in the final quarter of the year, our new TiVo service is attracting both new and existing customers.

"Since its commercial launch mid-way through the year, the number of TiVo subscribers has grown to almost half a million with a large and growing proportion now using its next generation functionality on a regular basis.

"Demand for better broadband also continues to grow fast, with around half of new customers choosing superfast speeds.

"The combination of the best TV experience and the best broadband, has enabled us to acquire more new customers in the quarter."

With television on demand on the service hitting the one billion streams mark, the company is certainly well placed as the UK's television world increasingly looks to delivery over the internet.

Patrick Goss

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