Sky+ HD TV Guide gets 'undelete' feature

Sky+ HD TV Guide gets 'undelete' feature
Yeah that's really weird, no idea how Neighbours got on there in the first place

While readying your box for Catch Up TV, Sky has added a handy and much longed-for feature to its Sky+ HD TV guide: undelete.

If you "accidentally" record Neighbours on series link and then have to "delete" it when your friends come over for movie night, you can now whip into the new Deleted tab on your box and undelete all the Aussie drama.

That's right, you'll never again have to wonder just what Paul Robinson did to annoy Susie K so much (probably some form of professional sabotage though, to be fair).

The perfect blend

A few other changes are en route to Sky+ as well; Anytime+ is being rebranded to On Demand in preparation for the soon-to-launch Catch Up TV (another way to revisit Ramsay Street).

It may not be the biggest news of the day, but the Documentaries tab is also being moved forward to appear between Entertain and Lifestyle, the new Store tab features rentable films and the help menus have been rejigged too.

The small-but-perfectly-formed updates are being rolled out in phases, as usual – the first updates will hit the latest Sky+ HD (DRX890) and the Sky+ HD 1TB box automatically during the night.

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