Philips reveals its 4K line-up with Android on board

Philips reveals its 4K line-up with Android on board
The Philips 7800 is perfect for people who also like cycling apparently

Philips has revealed its television family for 2014, having promised new Android-imbued sets back at CES 2014.

The top-end 8800 series come in Full HD and Ultra HD models and offer an Android based operating system which means access to Google Play apps.

They're coming to Europe and Russia sometime between April and June 2014, but there are hefty question marks over whether the sets will make it to the UK.

Now for the ones you can buy...

A host of smaller sets are slated to reach the UK, though.

The slim and stylish 7009 series is more locked on, but comes without Google's OS. Available in 42-, 49- and 55-inch models, the near-bezelless TVs should hit the UK in June and come with Ultra HD resolution, a quad-core processor, 400Hz perfect motion rate and built-in Wi-Fi.

Also bound for the UK are the 6609 and 6309 models, in sizes ranging between 40- and 55-inches, and a choice of active and passive 3D.

Skipping down the spec scale are the 5000 series TVs, ranging from 32- to 55-inches, they don't offer 3D but are full HD sets with 500,000:1 dynamic screen contrast and dual-core processors on board.

The TVs should be hitting retailers between April and June, with pricing yet to be announced. The company is terming them all "highly affordable", though, which bodes well for your bank account.

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