This modded Slingbox streams local channels to your phone and PC

AirTV from Sling TV
AirTV from Sling TV

Sling TV presents a pretty compelling offer: over three dozen channels for $20 per month.

But, as much as we appreciate being able to watch AMC, Adult Swim and ESPN for one crisp Andrew Jackson, Sling has sorely lacked broadcast TV stations, the free over-the-air networks that everyone with a $10 HD antenna enjoy.

From the looks of a new leaked image from DISH, however, that might soon change.

The picture, taken by Zatz Not Funny!, shows a small flat box similar in size and shape to DISH's Slingbox with an ethernet port, USB port and coaxial port, perfect for an HD antenna.

It's being dubbed "AirTV" and it's intended to serve a sentinel in your home, capturing HD broadcast television through an over-the-air antenna and streaming it directly to your phone and tablet through the Sling TV app.

The device would be used to supplement the subscription service, completing the picture for cord cutters looking to ditch cable completely.

AirTV from Sling TV

Zatz Not Funny! reports that the only other piece of hardware "AirTV" would require is an antenna, but didn't have full specs, a release date or the cost of the hardware itself.

Repurposing Slingboxes into over-the-air antennas could be the novel solution the live TV streaming industry has been searching for, skirting around content negotiations with each of the 400 local stations around the country.

Nick Pino

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