Sky will now let you watch any Premier League club on demand

Sky Sports
All the games, all the time

For the first time ever, Sky Sports On Demand will be giving every single Barclays Premier League club its own individual channel within the app.

You'll be able to pick from 20 different club sections in the On Demand section of your box, letting you catch up on matches specifically for your favourite team.

You'll also be able to check out interviews, documentaries and features to keep you going between games.

Sky Sports Head of Football, Gary Hughes, said that the new feature was part in response to a "massive growth" in on demand TV viewing.

The new service will kick in with the new football season, in which Sky has scheduled a mightily impressive 116 live Premier League fixtures.

Revamped apps

When it comes to Sky's bevvy of sports apps, there have also been a number of updates. Sky Sports for iPad is now a hub for all Sky Sports video and news content, while the mobile apps now have more of an onus on breaking news. Enhancements to Football Score Centre have also been announced.

TechRadar was at the launch of the new apps and spoke to David Gibbs, Director of Digital Media at Sky Sports, who explained that the app revamps were part of making the Sky Sports experience seamless across platforms.

Sky Sports app

Sky Sports apps revamped, now with added funtionality

"Whatever screen you are on, whatever device, you will know it is a Sky Sports service they are using," said Gibbs.

"We have put all of our channels in one place so you can watch and keep up to date all through the app."

According to Gibbs, alongside a new look the apps offer real-time video and up-to-date bitesize video clips.

Sky is using its iPad as a content hub for all Sky Sports channels and will offer up more personalisation than before, as well as more of an embrace of social media. This means you will see aggregated Twitter feeds and the ability to join in the debate with polls.

Football Score Centre's refresh means this app is speedier and offers up enhanced match coverage, betting integration and deeper stats. You can now track four separate teams as well as keep an eye on match statistics.

"We have listened to our users - they want a faster app, the ability to follow more than one team, better UI and more video. And that's what we have delivered," said Gibbs.

Expect to see these new upgrades from the start of the new football season.

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