Sky to spoil BT's UHD party with a 4K announcement of its own

Sky TV
We needs a new box

It looks like Sky is set to try and spoil the launch of BT's new BT Sports Ultra HD channel this weekend by announcing plans for SkyQ, the current name of its advanced 4K-capable set top box.

According to a report by the Telegraph Sky is set to announce the new hardware after its full-year reports are released this week. With the Community Shield kicking off BT's ultra HD coverage that seems like good timing to us.

The replacement for its current Sky+ HD box is being touted as offering subscribers an "Apple and Netflix-style" experience.

What that apparently means is the new interface is going to be more visual and carousel-led than the current hardware.


There is as yet no official timeline for Sky to start broadcasting in Ultra HD, but it would be unlikely not to at least mention plans for a start of 4K Sky when it does officially announce the new SkyQ box.

With BT launching its BT Sports Ultra HD channel at the weekend it wouldn't be a surprise to see Sky go toe-to-toe on the live sports angle for its UHD content - though, with its huge range of movie channels and TV box-sets, an on-demand UHD setup surely isn't far off.

The new SkyQ box is set to integrate live and on-demand content side-by-side too, and will attempt to learn your viewing habits, a la Netflix, and then offer tailored viewing suggestions based on your previous selections.

The Telegraph report also mentions the new SkyQ box will be capable of 'beaming' content around the house, to multiple devices, and let you watch and record to up to four programs at once.

As soon as the new SkyQ box gets all official we'll have the full low-down.