Sky still expects 3D to go mainstream

Sky 3D - 70,000 is just the start says Sky
Sky 3D - 70,000 is just the start says Sky

Sky's director of product development has told TechRadar that the company remains happy with the uptake in its 3D channel, and that it expects the technology to quickly move from niche to mass market.

Sky's backing of 3D has been a key factor in the adoption of the technology in the UK, with Sky 3D offering a made-to-measure channel for people with the right kit and the top level package from the satellite giant.

Director of product development Brian Lenz may have handed over the reigns of the 3D now that it has been successfully launched, but he told TechRadar that the company's satisfaction at attracting 70,000 viewers is based around the assumption that 3D will go mainstream.

Much bigger

"It's one thing to sit with something like 3D where we are going out and saying that we're happy with 70,000 subscribersin the first quarter, but that's because we believe that it will grow to a much bigger number for us.

"We tend to be a more mass market company which means we have to hit very high volumes with our products.

"Features for the sake of features are dangerous for us, if we're not clear on where the value will come through."

Trusted innovator

Lenz believes that Sky is "trusted" by the British public to bring the latest innovations to television.

"If it's going to be done in the living room than I like to think that Sky is trusted to do it well," added Lenz.

"We have innovated and historically we have done it well, although we don't get it 100 per cent right all the time we are willing to be bold and try new things.

"We just don't feel comfortable if we aren't trying to innovate."

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