Sky's latest update means you'll never miss another show again

Sky's latest update brings Smart Series Link and suggestions to your box
Sky's new update brings significant change

The latest Sky+ HD update is rolling out, bringing a number of eagerly awaited new features including suggestions and a Smart Series link that will both record the current showings as well as future seasons.

The Smart Series feature is likely to prove particularly popular, building on the still clumsy Nevermiss system that is available through the website portal to ensure that customers do not miss the start of their favourite series.

"I look at it as proof that we are evolving," Sky's director of TV products Luke Bradley-Jones told us. "The Smart Series Link builds on both what we have done with series link and Nevermiss and creates something really simple.

"It serves a basic need that we all recognise and empathise with. Catch-up TV helps but sometimes things are not available for a number of reasons so it does not takes the threat of missing out on programmes you love."



The Suggestions feature is also a key addition, bringing algorithmically-generated suggestions culled from recording history and downloads. The feature has, of course, been a key selling point for Virgin's rival TiVo service for several years.

Take two remotes onto the sofa?

Among some cosmetic improvements, such as DVD cover art for movies and a tile on the homepage that shows all live sports on any TV channel at that moment in time, is an update that looks minor but fixes one of the long-term gripes - an HDMI one touch function.

This means a touch of the Sky button on the remote will turn on both the box and a compatible TV in one go from standby, as well as changing to the correct HDMI input.

The update is now rolling out - with all compatible boxes likely to see the change by Winter.

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