Sky runs 3D TV ads in Avatar cinemas

Sky launches 3D TV ads alongside Avatar in cinemas across UK
Sky launches 3D TV ads alongside Avatar in cinemas across UK

Satellite broadcaster Sky is set to launch Europe's first 3D channel in 2010, running ads for the service alongside screenings of James Cameron new Avatar in 700 cinemas

BSkyB launches the nationwide 3D ad campaign in cinemas this week.

Sky's ad campaign has been created by its in-house agency Sky Creative, and will run for six weeks.

The ads carry the strapline "3D TV from Sky, coming soon to your existing Sky+HD box".

Shopping mall marketing

BSkyB is also launching a marketing campaign for the 3D TV service at the O2 centre and at the Westfield shopping mall.

"As we move towards the launch of the UK's first 3D TV services, these are our first steps in widening public awareness of the service and providing a 'seeing is believing' experience," said Hilary Perchard, the Sky director of product management.

"As Sky's 3D TV services uses the same underlying technology as that being used in cinemas, it seemed natural to use Avatar as our first marketing platform. We also wanted to give consumers the opportunity to sample first hand the quality of experience we will offer next year."

3D TV is set to be the big news coming out of CES 2010 in Vegas early next month.

Adam Hartley