Panasonic trumpets Smart Viera

Panasonic trumpets Smart Viera
Panasonic trumpets Smart Viera

Panasonic has announced the introduction of Smart Viera - a new facet to Viera Connect that offers up an improved connected AV experience.

With Smart TVs now familiar, Panasonic is keen to push on with innovation and it believes that its latest Smart Viera can do just that.

"The advent of Smart VIERA centers on five main points: Networking, Easy Operation, Picture Quality, Eco and Design elements," explained Panasonic.

"The seamless integration of the aforementioned elements makes for a truly smart IPTV, one that allows the user to not only access the web but provides the technology for connecting people with people via social media."


Panasonic started out with Viera Cast in 2008, which became Viera Connect last year and has now been given a new direction once more.

"Panasonic has been an innovator in the growing area of IPTV and the enhancement found with Smart VIERA provides the consumer with the easiest to use and the ultimate in home connectivity," said Panasonic's Henry Hauser.

"Smart Viera is poised to redefinethe core of a new IPTV lifestyle. In it, all of the home's AV devices will be connected and people will be able to freely access the content they want from any room in the house.

"With Smart Viera, people will have an unlimited source of content options, and equally as important, a very easy way to access that content."

The news about the connected service also brings word of a deal with MySpace TV - which will sit alongside the likes of a Miramax app, Disney Publishing Worldwide and Flixster in the US.

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